The Members

Los Inkas band members are:

Limbert Angulo - vocalist, plays the charango and the pan pipes

Manuel Garay - vocals, plays the pan pipes, charango and bass guitar

Amaru Ferrel - pan pipes, pan flute and backup vocals

Luis Chuquimia - pan pipes, flute, backup vocals and sound effects

All members are professional musicians and have been singing and playing instruments since a very young age.

A little information about the members

Limbert is from Cochabamba – Bolivia, he is the joker of the group; always making everyone laugh, making everybody in the group laugh, keeping everyone in the band on a natural high and balanced due to his serious side aswell.

Manuel is from Guamote Chimborazo – Ecuador, Manuel always makes the other band members laugh, and because of his laid back/hyper personality he keeps the band grounded.

Amaru is from Cusco – Peru. Amaru is the cool, calm and collected one of the group, although funny he transmits a spiritual energy to everyone in the group.

Luis (aka Lucho) is from La Paz – Bolivia. Lucho is funny, loves to makes jokes, a serious bloke, calm, and is just as cheeky as the other members.